Acreage Living: 5 Things to Consider When It Comes to Living on an Acreage

5 Things to Consider when it Comes to Acreage Living

I love all the space and calmness acreage living can bring. This is an attractive feature for anyone wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.   

But, if you have never lived on an acreage before, here are some things you may want to consider based on my own tried and true experience.

Know Your Water Source 

Do you know the source of your water and how it works? Here are a few questions to ask:

If you have a cistern:

  • Do you know how big the tank is and where it is located? 
  • Is there a water alarm installed to let you know when your water is getting low so you can call a water truck? 
  • Do you know local water delivery trucks in your area? Local community Facebook groups are great at sharing the best in the area!
  • Water Hauling does cost a premium. You may need to learn some water conservation tricks like shorter showers and maybe fewer baths because filling that big tub uses a lot of water!
  • You may purchase a portable water tank and haul your own water.

If you have a well: 

  • Do you know where it is located and how deep your well is? 
  • Is it good drinking water or has there been any water testing completed on it? 
  • Is the water treated or do you need to set up a system for it to be treated? 
Standing in front of our acreage cistern checking the water level in the middle of winter. Acreage living can be tough sometimes!
Checking our acreage cistern in the middle of winter.

Checking my cistern in the cold of winter…it’s not my favourite chore!

Know Your Septic System

There are a lot of things we take for granted when living in the city, like septic services. Do you know where your septic tank and septic field are located? 

If so, do you know when was the last time the septic tank was emptied? It is important to know where your field is located to avoid driving on it or building anything on that septic field location.

Garbage Service

Unlike city or town living, you are responsible for arranging garbage service when living on an acreage. Different companies offer different services and pick-up dates. In some cases, you may be responsible for taking it to the landfill or recycling. 

Again, your local community Facebook group can help you find the best one for your budget and area

Acerage Living and the Internet

Even in today’s 5G world, internet speeds and connectivity in acreage living can be a challenge. Don’t expect high-speed internet on an acreage. If you need fast connectivity, you may have to have a Plan B when it fails at the acreage.

It is painful. Maybe one-day infrastructure will catch up! 

Snow Removal and Maintenance

This likely isn’t the final thing I’ll say about acreage living, but for this season, it is! 

Counties are responsible for snow clearing of the main roads but not your driveway. If you have a large driveway, shovelling is likely not going to be the best idea. You may need to look at investing in a quad with a snowblade, a tractor or a really good snowblower since driveways may be bigger than what you had in the city.  

If you’re not into the whole snow removal thing (no judgement here!) you can connect with a snow removal company in your area for snow removal service.

Do you live on an acreage? What are your helpful tips for making acreage living easier?