Client Win: Qualifying a New Canadian Borrower for a Mortgage

Jennie's Story. A New Canadian Borrower

I want to share Jennie’s story. Not only is she an inspiration to me, but with a bit of planning over a few months, we were able to get her approved for a new home in Edmonton as a New Canadian Borrower.

Jennie immigrated to Toronto in the fall of 2019 as a skilled worker in the finance industry. 

When she first came to Canada, she started an entry level job in the food industry.

Then COVID-19 hit. Like many, she was faced with unemployment. Raising two young children as a single mom in a new country with no family here was not easy for her, especially during the pandemic. 

However, Jennie was determined. She worked hard to gain employment in finance, starting out again in an entry level position. 

Jennie wanted to continue to create a life with more stability for her children by purchasing a home. However, housing prices in the Toronto market seemed out of reach. 

What Alberta had to offer appealed to her, and there more job opportunities.

Housing in Edmonton is much more affordable compared to the Toronto market. Jennie could get more house in a great neighbourhood at $400,000 compared to what she could get in Toronto. 

Jennie was able to get a transfer and promotion to an Edmonton branch. Then the house shopping began! 

With a job offer in hand, we were able to use her new income to qualify her for a mortgage. 

I like working with New Canadian Borrowers for several reasons. I want to set them up for success in their new mortgage and be a trusted expert for them. I look at their overall situation and place them in a mortgage that works for them.

If you know of anyone moving inter-provincially or is new to Canada, reach out to me! I would love to help.