Beware of mortgage penalties when rate hunting. And why the lowest rate doesn't always save the most money.

Beware of Mortgage Penalties when Rate Hunting

When there’s a lot of news about rising interest rates, I tend to get a lot of calls about what my lowest mortgage rates are. While searching for the lowest interest rate is fine, finding the right mortgage isn’t always…

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Time for your annual mortgage check-up!

Time For Your Annual Mortgage Check-Up

Most of us tend to think of our mortgage as the ultimate “buy and hold” purchase. Once the paperwork is signed for your term, everything just goes on autopilot until it comes due again. So, why do you have to…

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Do you know you credit score? And why can it impact your chances of getting a mortgage?

Do You Know Your Credit Score?

Have you been struggling to land your dream job? Maybe it’s not your qualifications that are keeping you back but your credit score. Yes, I said credit score. Mortgage lenders are not the only people who can access your credit…

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4 Signs You're Ready to Be a Homeowner

4 Signs You’re Ready to Be a Homeowner

How do you actually know when you are ready to be a homeowner? Many people will say that homeownership is one of the greatest investments you can make. And while those people aren’t wrong with that statement (if you do…

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