5 Smart Ways To Use Your Tax Refund

5 Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Most of us never expect to get much of a refund, or maybe you are one of the lucky ones who can count on getting one each year. Either way, few people have a plan to use their tax refund…

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4 Types of Home Insurance in Alberta. Why you might need all four as a first time buyer.

4 Types of Home Insurance in Alberta

I get this question a lot with first-time homebuyers, “what is with all the types of home insurance?” And, it can be an incredibly overwhelming experience, especially as getting all these types of insurance are in the final stages of…

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Beware of mortgage penalties when rate hunting. And why the lowest rate doesn't always save the most money.

Beware of Mortgage Penalties when Rate Hunting

When there’s a lot of news about rising interest rates, I tend to get a lot of calls about what my lowest mortgage rates are. While searching for the lowest interest rate is fine, finding the right mortgage isn’t always…

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