What Are Your Real Closing Costs?

What are closing costs?

What are Closing Costs? Congrats! You saved for a downpayment and now you are ready to buy. The mortgage and downpayment cover the purchase price of the home. There are other costs involved with purchasing a home, referred to closing costs. Consider these when you are budgeting for the full cost of your purchase Appraisal: If you are purchasing a private sale, you will require an appraisal. If you are purchasing a home with 20% down, chances are you may need an appraisal as well. Approx. cost $250-$350. Home Inspection: Whether you are buying a brand new home or an…

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Downpayment Options

Downpayment options

What Are My Downpayment Options? One of the biggest challenges of home ownership is saving the required downpayment. Your lender will be looking for a minimum 5% down payment on your property. There are generally 5 options available. Your down payment can come from more than one source. Using Your Own Savings or Investments One of the most straight forward down payment options is your own savings or investments.  You will need to provide recent 3 month bank statements to show the history of the savings.  It is required that the full amount of  savings for your down payment must be in…

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Beware of Mortgage Penalties when Rate Shopping


Understand your Mortgage Penalties when Rate Shopping is extremely important! Mortgage rates are at an all time low so it’s important to understand the penalties if you break your terms. Rates for a 5 year fixed mortgage have been hovering between 2.59%-2.99% for several months now. When a client comes to see me for a new mortgage, whether it is for a purchase, refinance or their existing mortgage is up for renewal, I will give them the best rate available. I put them in a product that is going to meet their needs and what is going to save…

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Is your HELOC costing you money?

Is your Home Equity Line of Credit costing you Money?   It was a trend years ago for your mortgage to be put into a home equity line of credit (HELOC) where you had access to revolving equity in your home and could pay down as you chose.  Back then, HELOC interest rates were close to fixed rates, making it attractive to have a open line of credit without any penalties. However, most have fallen into the trap of making interest only payments and not paying down that debt. The trend of HELOCs has faded as the Government of Canada…

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4 Tips to Manage a Layoff

4 Tips to Manage Your Finances When Faced with a Layoff The Canadian economy is in a recession and there are uncertain times for many. Low oil prices and the change of both Provincial and Federal government leadership has had a tremendous impact on the economy, resulting in many layoffs in 2015. More layoffs are predicted in the upcoming months. What happens if you have lost your job or are faced with a huge income cut? Losing a job or facing an income reduction is an emotional time when many are already living pay check to pay check. Step out…

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Be Life Rich, Not House Poor

be life rich not house poor

BE LIFE RICH, NOT HOUSE POOR! Buying at the top end of your pre-approval price could be setting you up for many dull years to follow. WHY? Because, your home cost is more than just a mortgage payment. There are property taxes, maintenance, utilities and more due every month. If those add up to 35% of your total income, you’re on the right track. If not you might have to sacrifice in other categories such as vacation, debt repayment or savings. Budgeting is really a piece of cake, or a pie in this circumstance. The pie chart here illustrates a…

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