Beware of mortgage penalties when rate hunting. And why the lowest rate doesn't always save the most money.

Beware of Mortgage Penalties when Rate Hunting

When there’s a lot of news about rising interest rates, I tend to get a lot of calls about what my lowest mortgage rates are. While searching for the lowest interest rate is fine, finding the right mortgage isn’t always…

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My Top 5 Tips For First-Time Homebuyers | Jacqueline Mortgages | Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Top 5 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

As first-time homebuyers, shopping for a home can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start!  But, as I like to say, it’s all about making mortgages (and the home buying process!) simple. Over my 18 years of experience…

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employment letters

Why do Lenders ask for Employment letters?

Why do Lenders ask for Employment letters? Checking for employment letters might seem like just one more piece of paper, but it’s important.  It’s due diligence.  And it works on your behalf. A borrower will provide employment letters if requested…

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6 Mortgage Terms Every Homebuyer should know

6 Mortgage terms Homebuyers should know

Mortgage terms can be daunting for a homebuyer . Understanding these 6 mortgage terms homebuyers should will be helpful when you consider buying your first home! Here are the 6 Mortgage Terms: High-ratio mortgage A Homebuyer that purchase…

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3 Quick Tips for Making an Offer on a Home

Making an Offer on a Home? Ideal homes often receive offers within days of being listed.  A buyer can increase their chances of securing their ideal home by being prepared! 3 Quick Tips for Making an offer on a Home:…

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What are closing costs?

What Are Your Real Closing Costs?

What are Closing Costs? Congrats! You saved for a downpayment and now you are ready to buy. The mortgage and downpayment cover the purchase price of the home. There are other costs involved with purchasing a home, referred to closing…

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Downpayment options

Downpayment Options

What Are My Downpayment Options? One of the biggest challenges of home ownership is saving the required downpayment. Your lender will be looking for a minimum 5% down payment on your property. There are generally 5 options available. Your down payment can…

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Is your HELOC costing you money?

Is your Home Equity Line of Credit costing you Money?   It was a trend years ago for your mortgage to be put into a home equity line of credit (HELOC) where you had access to revolving equity in your…

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